Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Belle's New Home, The Mysterious Nancy and Uncle Newt

Bye Bye Belle

Sunday we brought Belle, Clayton's Mastiff, to his new home. Belle was quite excited as we gathered up her bed, toys and food by the front door. She enjoyed the car ride and was well behaved during the hour drive to her new home.

When we arrived Belle was happy to see Tori, Clayton and Snoopy (Tori's Chihuahua). Tori walked her around the house and I think Belle will be quite happy in her new home.

Chuck and I empty nesters again - if an empty nest includes 2 dogs and a cat!

Nancy Marian Hanson Horton Smith Weber - Where are You?

Chuck's maternal great grandmother, Nancy, is proving to be a mystery. I have been using all my genealogy tricks and tips and have not been able to fill in the last three years of her life. I am now fleshing out the lives of her half siblings, the Franks Family, to see if some sideways research will help.

Since I have been doing more writing about genealogy than actual research lately, this is a great exercise for me to tackle. If I could find Nellie Evans (Chuck's paternal great great grandmother) I should be able to track down Nancy's movements from Waterloo IA to Blackduck MN.

I'll keep you posted....

Uncle Newt

Mom called me last night to let me know that Uncle Newt, my dad's older brother, was in the hospital. While he has had his share of stays in the hospital, at almost 93 it is a reminder of his age.

I called the hospital today and he was in good spirits, eating lunch. I asked if someone was bringing him his morning paper. I should have known that he already had it all arranged.

I told him to make sure he listened to the nurses and I would be up to visit soon.

Newt, Mable and Earl Pahlke

Take Care,

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