Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyday Genealogy: Everyday Genealogy to be available on iPhones!

Everyday Genealogy: Everyday Genealogy to be available on iPhones!: "Just wanted to let you now that Everyday Genealogy will also be available as an iPhone application this fall! And I made sure that it will w..."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lunch Boxes and Family Ties

It's back to school season, which meant taking Tori for her school supplies. This has become an annual ritual which many dread, but we enjoy.

Once we have checked off the mandatory classroom supplies it is time to find the perfect lunch box. Tori LOVES to take her lunch, she contends that the school purposely lies when it posts the lunch menu each week. There are always substitutions. This year's lunch box was the biggest one on the shelf and it brought back memories.

My dad brought his lunch to work everyday. Mom baked a cake every week, made his sandwiches and many packaged up side items and snacks every evening. In the morning dad packed his lunch in a metal domed lunch box.

Tori's lunch box was a thermal version of dad's metal lunch box, dome and all. When I questioned her choice (not very feminine) she said that the most important thing was that it would hold ALL her snacks and sandwich.

Tori's box of school supplies is in the office until next week. Everytime I look at it and see that lunch box I think of my dad and all the lunches he brought to work in his.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pictures and Memories....

Pictures bring back memories of our youth and in my case of hours spent scanning them.

For the last couple of days I have been gathering pictures to include on Chuck and Shirley's new photo frame. Looking at them I remember vacations, family gatherings and hours spent scanning!

I did the majority of the scanning during some breaks in my employment and while I enjoyed not working a 'day job' scanning is WORK. Actually it is not just the scanning, but going through all the photo albums to find the pictures. In my case I gave up on the albums in the mid 1990's and started using boxes so that added another layer of frustration.

There is also the problem of getting the pictures OUT of the albums. I bought all those albums in the 1980's when the pictures magically 'stuck' to the page in the album. However, now in 2010 the pictures have become one with the page.

Another 'oops' I encountered while scanning was that no one ever mentioned coming up with a name convention! How many pictures can you call "Clayton_Smiling" or "Clayton_Crying" when you have 15 albums covering the first 10 years of a child's life?

So, as I go down memory lane looking AT the pictures I will also remember what it took to digitize them.

BTW - I will be bringing two digital video cameras and a digital camera to the anniversary party!